Donald Trump’s $100 million personal Boeing airliner

As Donald Trump’s improbable -the-donald-was-jet-setting-around-america-in-his-private-boeing-757-200.jpgcampaign for the White House winds down, the controversial billionaire will jet to New York on Tuesday where he will await the results of this historic election. Unlike most presidential candidates, “The Donald” actually owns the Boeing 757-200 airliner-turned-private-jet that has deputized as his campaign plane.

“Trump Force One” — as some have dubbed the jet — has been one of the most visible symbols of his run for the Oval Office. Trump likes to call it the “T-Bird,” according to a Discovery Channel documentary featuring the plane. According the documentary, Trump’s Boeing 757 cost a whopping $100 million. Admittedly, that number seems a bit exaggerated when compared to market prices. The Republican presidential candidate has owned the Boeing airliner — registration N757FA — since 2011 and has customized the aircraft to his liking.

Have a closer look at Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 757-200 jet:

Source : Business Insider

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