An insider’s top ten shocking revelations about Investment Bankers

Everyone has an opinion on high-flying bankers, but few of us actually get close enough to see the reality behind all the myths and madness.

After studying Law at University, Lily Temperley opted for a shiny, lucrative job in the City of London and spent  fifteen years living and working in the executive suites of the two largest Investment Banking firms in the city.

wolf-of-wall-street-top-10-banking-experiences-231013.jpgEventually she became so disillusioned with everything she had seen that escaped and is now based in a exotic location working within business marketing and social media.

“I realized during the global financial crisis that the public, the every day person, was paying the price for the casino style gambling that a small handful of traders were involved with,” Lily says.

“I decided that if I was working in the institution, I was complicit even if I was not directly involved, so I left the industry and never looked back.”

After telling her girlfriends all the things she had witnessed she was persuaded to put pen to paper. Although her new novel FIX: Sex, Lies and Banking is a work of fiction, Lily says that most of it is based on actual events she witnessed.

Lily has put together her top ten shocking facts about investment banking exclusively for Express online.

(PLEASE NOTE: Lily Temperley is an assumed name.)

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