Airpods aren’t available because Apple cannot figure out how to make them work

For various reasons, the iPhone 7 managed to irritate Apple fans almost everywhere. Chief among all the grievances was the phone’s lack of aheadphone jack, and the introduction of wireless AirPod headphones, which are poised to be annoyingly small and cost $160.

While the iPhone 7 hit the market in September, the AirPods’ release has been delayed, meaning the “wireless future” envisioned by Apple chief Tim Cook has yet to bear any fruit. For a while, the Cupertino company hadn’t explained why the AirPods were mysteriously absent from the marketplace, but according to a new report in the Wall St. Journal, the reason appears to be a technical glitch.

Apple is basically struggling to get wireless headphones to work properly, according to an unnamed source in the paper. It all boils down to bluetooth technology, and Apple’s ability to make sure each earpiece receives a bluetooth signal simultaneously.

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